What is a lipless crankbait?

A lipless crankbait is a flat sided lure that cuts through the water with a tight wobble mimicking the swimming action of a baitfish.  A typical crankbait will have a clear plastic "lip" on the front of it to force the swimming action.  Lipless crankbaits are balanced in such a way that they do not need the lip, thus the name..."lipless" crankbait.   

Another difference between lipless and typical crankbaits is that lipless crankbaits will sink and can be fished at a variety of depths.  Typical crankbaits will either float or suspend and the clear plastic lip will force the lure down to a particular depth based on the size of the lip and the speed of the retrieve.  This difference makes the lipless crankbait a very versatile lure that can be fished in a variety of depths and speeds and techniques. 

Weaver Lures offer additional advantages.  Not having treble hooks dangling from the body gives a much more realistic presentation of the lure and cuts down snags and hangups.  So fish those tough areas and trigger a strike.